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1541 William Penn homecoming queen finalists. 10/19/1969 5T:2 College Students
1542 William Penn corn pickers head back to the field April 9, 1976 04/09/1976 5A:2 William Penn College
1543 William Penn College tells blacks: "No." 12/09/1970 5:04 Race Problems
1544 William Pappas, Mason City attorney, seeks $250,000 in pledges to defunct c 05/17/1970 4L:2 Charles City College, Charles City, Iowa
1545 William Pappas, a Mason City lawyer, will handle all financial affairs exce 04/02/1968 4:01 Charles City College, Charles City, Iowa
1546 William P. Rogers to get Dean Rusk's post. 12/11/1968 1:08 Rogers, William P.
1547 William P. Rogers to get Dean Rusk's post 12/11/1968 1:08 Nixon, Richard Milhous
1548 William P. Bray is the new editor of the Iowa State Daily 04/01/1973 10C:1 Editors and Editing
1549 William N. Plymat, Republican candidate for United States Senate from Iowa 07/15/1968 10:02 Military Service, Compulsory
1550 William N. Plymat, one of four Iowa Republican candidates for United States 08/27/1968 8:01 Vietnam
1551 William N. Plymat, one of 4 Iowa Republican candidates for United States se 08/27/1968 8:01 Hughes, Harold E.
1552 William N. Plymat, candidate for the Republican nomination for United State 02/12/1968 3:08 Republican Party
1553 William N. Cropp named first director of Polk County Mental Health Center 11/22/1968 3:02 Mentally Ill - Care and Treatment
1554 William N. Cropp is elected chairman of Des Moines Commission on Human Righ 11/07/1970 9:05 Civil Rights
1555 William Murray will reveal supporters. 06/23/1966 11:03 Candidates, Political
1556 William Murray claims Governor Hughes broke promise of income tax refunds. 07/23/1966 8:05 Candidates, Political
1557 William Mahedy, 58, of 404 Lincoln Court is named a new part-time judicial 04/17/1975 7:03 Judges
1558 William L. Shirer, Coe graduate and famed war correspondent and author give 11/02/1967 20:07 Coe College, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
1559 William L. Shirer, Coe College graduate, famed as a war correspondent and a 11/02/1967 20:07 Shirer, William L.
1560 William Kunstler, defense attorney for "Chicago 7", tells graduate class at 06/15/1970 10:02 Kunstler, William M.