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161 Reaction of two mothers to the Jerry Mark verdict - Jerry is pronounced gui 06/23/1976 1A:2 Murder
162 Des Moines asks crime unit to delay payment of funds for Metropolitan Area 06/23/1976 3A:4 Crime and Criminals
163 Released as Amish teacher, she'll appeal - school board members of the Mid- 06/23/1976 4A:6 Teachers
164 Reaction of 2 mothers to the Jerry Mark verdict - Jerry Mark is pronounced 06/23/1976 1A:2 Justice, Administration of - Local
165 Training for combat with Iowa's GI Josephines - Specialist 4 Jean Nelson an 06/23/1976 1A:3 Military Training
166 The Republican Party is urged to include support for public financing of co 06/23/1976 4A:4 Campaign Funds
167 Collective bargaining for state employees is stalled by lawsuit, judge's ab 06/23/1976 3A:1 Government Employees
168 The state and marriage 06/23/1976 8A:1 Homosexuality
169 The state and marriage 06/23/1976 8A:1 Marriage
170 Goodwill to take over recycling operations August 1, Des Moines. 06/23/1976 6A:2 Refuse, Utilization of
171 Seven Des Moines hospitals have formed a group designed to help solve healt 06/23/1976 3A:1 Hospitals
172 Report raps housing for Muscatine migrant workers 06/23/1976 12B:3 Migrant Labor
173 117 Tai Dam refugees join kin in Iowa. 06/22/1976 1A:4 Refugees
174 Gazebo grandeur in Dubuque - the structure, reminiscent of those once popul 06/22/1976 3A:1 Dubuque, Iowa
175 Resettlement or ouster? 06/22/1976 10A:1 Vietnam
176 Peaceful standoff in GOP. 06/22/1976 10A:1 Republican Party
177 City Council votes against liquor license for south side tap; state to have 06/22/1976 8A:2 Hotels, Taverns, Etc.
178 Another postal study 06/22/1976 10A:1 United States Postal Service
179 No Saturday mail? 06/22/1976 10A:1 United States Postal Service
180 Police cooperation hit in study of the Polk County Rape-Sexual Assault Cris 06/22/1976 2B:5 Crime and Criminals