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1601 'God bless all women' wrote Marine Private First Class Russell Barnes 05/26/1968 7T:5 Vietnam
1602 'God's Guerrillas' fight Oelwein property blight 06/29/1969 5L:1 Youth
1603 'God-is-dead' theologians seen actually as boosters, a panel of scholars ag 10/13/1966 3:01 Religion
1604 'Golden Age of Faith' a time of turmoil, too 09/20/1970 14T:3 Church and Social Problems
1605 'Golden Age of Faith' a time of turmoil, too. 09/20/1970 14T:3 College Professors and Instructors
1606 'Golden Age of Faith' a time of turmoil, too. 09/20/1970 14T:3 Religion
1607 'Good old college days' were violent. 03/12/1967 18G:3 Colleges and Universities
1608 'Good possibility' of opening Cold Water Cave to public. 02/14/1974 4:02 Caves
1609 'Good year' for seizure of narcotics--$1.2 million worth of illicit drugs i 02/19/1973 13:01 Drugs
1610 'Gothic' American back in view at Art Institute of Chicago 12/25/1966 2L:3 Wood, Grant
1611 'Government must not intervene'. 06/17/1969 6:01 Colleges and Universities
1612 'Grass' experimenters increase to new high 05/12/1974 2A:7 Gallup Poll
1613 'Great society' called biggest handicap in 1968 01/02/1967 8:04 Johnson, Lyndon B.
1614 'Great to be back', says Prisoner of War on Des Moines arrival 05/17/1973 1:01 Vietnamese War, 1957 - Prisoners and Prisons
1615 'Group homes' for youth 09/13/1970 10T:1 Social Welfare
1616 'Group homes' for youth. 09/13/1970 10T:1 Juvenile Delinquency
1617 'Gumperson' was so right! 05/06/1974 12:05 Harris, Sydney
1618 'Habitual offenders' face contempt of court: Judge 04/13/1972 11:05 Justice, Administration Of
1619 'Hair' case to disciplinary board of Dowling High School. 06/14/1970 2L:1 Clothing and Dress
1620 'Hair' case to disciplinary body of Dowling High School 06/14/1970 2L:1 High School Students