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2021 Opposition to plans. 10/31/1965 20G:1 Poverty
2022 Oldest Episcopal Church in Iowa. 10/31/1965 pp. 20-21 Churches
2023 Sharp rise in prospecting for Southern Iowa. 10/31/1965 1L:1+ Coal
2024 Rivalry over Rock Island system. 10/31/1965 20G:1 Railroads
2025 Governor explains Iowa-Illinois clean air pact to Japanese 10/31/1965 3L:1 Air Pollution
2026 United States-British workers compared in wages, rent, food, production 10/31/1965 17G:4 Labor
2027 Labeling imported meat. 10/31/1965 20G:1 Meat
2028 Suggests putting stores on old Council Bluffs-Omaha bridge 10/31/1965 3L:1 Bridges
2029 State's longest (1.07 miles) and highest (85 feet) bridge to open near Knox 10/31/1965 3L:3 Bridges
2030 Biography in "These Amazing Iowans" series. 10/31/1965 1L:6+ Bendixen, Harold A.
2031 Iowa doctor proposes publishing safety ratings on each make of car. 10/31/1965 3L:5 Automobiles - Safety Devices and Measures
2032 New business and cultural buildings in Des Moines. 10/31/1965 picture section: 4-5, 7-8 Architecture
2033 National convention in November, showdown 10/31/1965 13G:1 National Coordinating Committee to End the War in Vietnam
2034 Corruption seen as GOP (Grand Old Party) argument in 1966. 10/31/1965 7G:6 Republican Party
2035 Where the Girls are: A Social Guide to Women's Colleges in the East, excerp 10/31/1965 15G:3 Colleges and Universities
2036 Bendixen, Harold A. 10/31/1965 1L:6+ "These Amazing Iowans" series
2037 Importance to state 10/31/1965 2L:3 Tourist Trade
2038 New York march 10/31/1965 1G:7+ Vietnam
2039 "Operation We Care" in Dubuque to provide gifts for Viet GIs. 10/31/1965 5L:7 Vietnam
2040 Gardner Cowles speech on Viet policy 10/31/1965 20G:3 Vietnam