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2141 Montgomery County plan for area school unacceptable 11/06/1965 5:05 Vocational Education
2142 Find Sixty-six percent approve of way President Johnson is doing his job; l 11/06/1965 14:03 Gallup Poll
2143 Wheat for East Germany 11/06/1965 4:01 Germany (Democratic Republic)
2144 Find 66% approve of way he does job, cite greatest achievements 11/06/1965 14:03 Johnson, Lyndon B.
2145 Is university too big? Brief comments by President Bowen 11/06/1965 4:04 Iowa. University, Iowa City
2146 Evashevski denies he will coach football again 11/06/1965 1S:1 Iowa. University, Iowa City
2147 First action to investigate consumer frauds taken in Waterloo insurance cas 11/06/1965 1:8+ Insurance
2148 Form private unit to teach poor how to fight poverty. 11/07/1965 8G:2 Poverty
2149 Michigan-Michigan State contests draw huge crowds, lesson for Iowa. 11/07/1965 7L:1 College Athletics
2150 Doerfer Engineering and Design, Incorporated. 11/07/1965 6F:1 Cedar Falls, Iowa
2151 To teach poor how to fight poverty, Walter Reuther, chairman. 11/07/1965 8G:2 Citizens Crusade Against Poverty
2152 Case for and against mobile classrooms. 11/07/1965 pp. 4-5, 7 Public Schools
2153 56% feel Iowa needs more parks, outdoor areas. 11/07/1965 16G:3 Recreation
2154 Urges tax on pollutors, cigarette smokers. 11/07/1965 6G:5 Air Pollution
2155 Setback for subdistricting. 11/07/1965 16G:1 Apportionment (Election Law)
2156 Daily drama of mirth, steadfastness 11/07/1965 1L:6 Amish in Iowa
2157 Iowan student asks to be sent to Vietnam to rebuild damage. 11/07/1965 4L:4 Military Service, Compulsory
2158 Speech on automation and unemployment. 11/07/1965 4L:2 Bowen, Howard R.
2159 Why voter registration now is vital 11/07/1965 16G:3 Negroes in the United States
2160 Lead in rocket power. 11/07/1965 16G:1 Russia