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114701 Regents okay plan for bargaining with universities' academic employees. 05/14/1976 4A:3 College Professors and Instructors
114702 Disservice to farmers. 05/14/1976 22A:1 Agriculture
114703 Iowa drinking-age issue causes new Senate stir. 05/14/1976 3A:3 Liquor Laws and Regulations -Iowa
114704 Hopeless mission. 05/14/1976 22A:1 Middle East
114705 Woodbury County home "like prison", state orders it closed unless changes a 05/14/1976 1A:1 Mentally Ill - Care and Treatment
114706 Iowa Senate votes ban on diagonal roads. 05/14/1976 3B:1 Roads - Iowa
114707 Dozens of controversial issues separating the Iowa House and Senate version 05/14/1976 18A:1 Crime and Criminals
114708 Battle of the flags 05/14/1976 22A:1 Flags
114709 Metropolitan Transit Authority's smaller bus plan good news for some riders 05/14/1976 15A:2 Transportation
114710 Friendly Fire: Chapter 27 05/14/1976 1A:1 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
114711 Sunflower spraying termed threat to harmless plants 05/14/1976 23A:2 Weeds
114712 Bill banning surveillance of employees okayed by Iowa House. 05/14/1976 3A:5 Wire Tapping
114713 Tracy McCurdy, thirty-eight, of Council Bluffs, cites woes of funeral adver 05/14/1976 1A:5 Funeral, Cost of
114714 Regents okay plan for bargaining with universities' academic employees 05/14/1976 4A:3 Government Employees
114715 Edward Kennedy versus Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/14/1976 1A:5 Iowa Poll
114716 Audits not infallible in detecting Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS) 05/15/1976 8A:2 Police
114717 Polk County drug prosecutor: Let's get down to business - the Metropolitan 05/15/1976 8A:2 Police
114718 Edward Brown versus Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/15/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
114719 Ronald Reagan's crossovers 05/15/1976 16A:1 Presidential Candidates
114720 Marvin Selden shifts view; property tax lid not tie on other taxes. 05/15/1976 13A:2 Property Tax