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114861 Jessica's world - Jessica from Des Moines, was just past her first birthday 05/23/1976 1C:1 Children - Management and Training
114862 R. Turner has a case. 05/23/1976 1B:1 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
114863 Iowa senior citizens' housing needs eased by Housing and Urban Development 05/23/1976 10A:1 Aged - Housing
114864 Protecting mother's rights. 05/23/1976 1B:1 Adoption
114865 Iowa's aviation ace soars into Hall of Fame - some of the details of his hi 05/23/1976 6A:1 Air Pilots
114866 Iowans view drinking age, 'pot' penalty 05/23/1976 5A:1 Alcoholism
114867 Iowans view drinking age, 'pot' penalty. 05/23/1976 5A:1 Marijuana
114868 Helping victims of breakdown return to the mainstream 05/23/1976 12E:1 Mental Illness
114869 Under the spreading chestnut tree...Darwin Thede isn't a village blacksmith 05/23/1976 p. 24 Blacksmiths
114870 The Queen of Gasoline Alley - For Iowa's Janet Guthrie, the road to the Ind 05/23/1976 16A:1 Automobile Racing
114871 The 'Junk Food Junkie' and his audience of 21 - Larry Groce plays for a sma 05/23/1976 Picture: 20 Musicians
114872 Comics: the mirrored image of a funny world. 05/23/1976 1E:1 Comics - Books, Strips, Etc.
114873 How teens view their sexuality 05/23/1976 1E:1 Sex
114874 For surgical patients: Stitching with staples 05/23/1976 4E:1 Surgery
114875 'Lord's tramp' brings tale of Faith to Des Moines - at age 84, Corrie ten B 05/23/1976 3A:5 Evangelistic work
114876 Undrer the spreading chestnut tree... Darwin Thede isn't a village blacksm 05/23/1976 24 Farms - "Living History"
114877 New try at oversight 05/23/1976 1B:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
114878 Wars of religion. 05/23/1976 1B:1 War
114879 Iowans view drinking age, 'pot' penalty 05/23/1976 5A:1 Iowa Poll
114880 State Fair signs Lawrence Welk, Roy Clark, Freddy Fender, Neil Sedaka 05/23/1976 1A:2 Iowa. State Fair