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115261 Field toilets for farms? 06/13/1976 1B:1 Toilets
115262 Tornadoes churn path across Iowa, buildings, crops damaged by twisters, lar 06/13/1976 1A:1 Tornadoes
115263 Choosing a veep 06/13/1976 1B:1 Vice-Presidential Candidates
115264 President Ford's popularity steady 06/13/1976 7B:1 Gallup Poll
115265 The terrible power of the exponential 06/13/1976 2B:2 Harris, Sydney
115266 What Iowans look for in a president 06/13/1976 14A:1 Iowa Poll
115267 Johnny Cash now to open Fair talent 06/13/1976 10A:4 Iowa. State Fair
115268 9 Iowa women to go to military academies 06/13/1976 1A:1 Woman - Equal Rights
115269 Iowa's women mayors - a list of women who head the municipal government in 06/13/1976 6B:4 Women and Politics
115270 Davenport nuns push for women in the priesthood 06/13/1976 5E:1 Women and the Church
115271 Human rights in Chile. 06/14/1976 8A:1 Chile
115272 No 'right' to exclude. 06/14/1976 8A:1 Public Schools - Desegregation
115273 Hint Lock 26 repair delay unnecessary 06/14/1976 4A:3 Mississippi River
115274 Bid fails to ease Walton League opposition to Lock and Dam 26 06/14/1976 4A:5 Mississippi River
115275 Twisters rip two towns, heavy loss in Jordan, Sioux City, Iowa 06/14/1976 1A:6 Tornadoes
115276 Dale Cochran tops Kenny Fulk for unoffensive talk prize 06/14/1976 3A:1 Iowa. General Assembly
115277 Corporate political funds. 06/15/1976 10A:1 Campaign Funds
115278 Corporate political funds 06/15/1976 10A:1 Campaign Funds
115279 Blow to price-fixers. 06/15/1976 10A:1 Price Regulation by Government
115280 Bob E. Rice, the Democratic candidate for Polk County Sheriff, cannot be tr 06/15/1976 3A:1 Candidates, Political