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1661 Public favors fight against work law repeal 10/10/1965 3G:7 Labor Laws and Legislation
1662 Much to be learned for safe use of pesticides. 10/10/1965 20G:1 Milk
1663 Much to be learned for safe use. 10/10/1965 20G:1 Pesticides
1664 48% oppose beer in grocery stores. 10/10/1965 20G:3 Beer
1665 Iowa driver's license examination, questions and answers; discussion of te 10/10/1965 13G:1+ Automobile Drivers - Licenses
1666 British Labor's White Paper against Blacks 10/10/1965 20G:3 Negroes in the United States
1667 Mississippi law requires tuition from some, National Association for the Ad 10/10/1965 20G:1 Negroes in the United States
1668 Search for governor candidate. 10/10/1965 3L:2 Republican Party
1669 Steps toward profit incentives. 10/10/1965 20G:3 Russia
1670 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) meeting 10/10/1965 6L:1 Discrimination
1671 Fear Food and Drug Administration (FDA) enforcement on drugs is deficient. 10/10/1965 1G:3+ Drugs
1672 Drop charge against Norwalk coach 10/10/1965 1L:4 Teachers
1673 Iowa lawyers meet to learn details 10/10/1965 19G:3 Uniform Commercial Code
1674 Each American spends about $1.00 a year on United Nations; about $260 on de 10/10/1965 20G:1 United Nations
1675 President Johnson's domination of this session 10/10/1965 20G:3 United States Congress
1676 Busy Iowa sculptor, includes model of sculpture for State College of Iowa 10/10/1965 16-18 Whiting, Edmund
1677 Work law repeal, favor fight against 10/10/1965 3G:7 Gallup Poll
1678 Old Burlington homes on parade 10/10/1965 4W:2 Historic Houses, etc.
1679 Shaving offenders' heads reduces felony rate according to Sioux Falls, Sout 10/10/1965 1L:1+ Juvenile Delinquency
1680 Beer in grocery stores, opposed by 48 percent 10/10/1965 20G:3 Iowa Poll