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1881 Sale of state dairy herd 10/23/1965 4:01 Iowa - Board of Control of State Institutions
1882 Audience with Japanese Emperor 10/23/1965 1:04 Hughes, Harold E.
1883 Layman's award, civil rights speech, Senator Miller's speech. 10/23/1965 1:2+ Iowa State Education Association
1884 Teacher Organizations name officers. 10/23/1965 3:08 Iowa State Education Association
1885 Role of teachers in Politics 10/23/1965 4:01 Iowa State Education Association
1886 Report farmers earn less, save more than city dwellers 10/23/1965 5:06 Income
1887 MAA payments only to hospitalized after December 1 10/23/1965 1:5+ Insurance, Health
1888 Claims rebelling youth mirror adults' world 10/23/1965 3:02 Youth
1889 Federal officials examine Iowa programs; not to be controlled by private we 10/24/1965 2L:4 Poverty
1890 Biography in "These Amazing Iowans" series. 10/24/1965 1L:3+ MacNider, Hanford
1891 Further report on card burning at Iowa University. 10/24/1965 1L:2+ Military Service, Compulsory
1892 War, draft protests an echo of the past. 10/24/1965 18G:3 Military Service, Compulsory
1893 Black Hawk County Conservation Board proposes development of lake in Tama C 10/24/1965 8L:1 Black Hawk County
1894 See need for more nurses as Medicare program becomes effective. 10/24/1965 3L:2 Nurses and Nursing
1895 Luxembourg watches United States on race, jobs, urbanization 10/24/1965 18G:3 Negroes in the United States
1896 Africa's "White Tribes". 10/24/1965 18G:1 Rhodesia
1897 Consumer overcharged in meat sales. 10/24/1965 1L:3 Consumer Protection
1898 The case against pre-marital sex, excerpts from Evelyn Duvall's book "Why W 10/24/1965 5W:1 Sex Relations
1899 Xerox backed television shows on United Nations draws more praise than crit 10/24/1965 18G:3 United Nations
1900 Kills fifty Iowans in twelve years 10/24/1965 8L:1 Tetanus