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281 Richard Turner gets go-ahead on truck appeal 06/16/1976 1A:2 Trucks
282 New Dubuque television station awaits okay 06/16/1976 9A:5 Television Stations
283 Ronald Reagan had it coming 06/16/1976 8A:1 Presidential Candidates
284 The Second Amendment 06/16/1976 8A:1 Firearms
285 Des Moines Zoning board refuses plan to replace an aging house at 756 Sixte 06/16/1976 9A:3 Zoning
286 I'm tuckered, says Clarence Pickard; vows to go on. 06/16/1976 1A:3 Bicycling
287 Pete Bitting hints he may drop case against Polk County Sheriff Dick Clemen 06/15/1976 3A:2 Police
288 The boisterous bellows of radical "libbers" are dying out and today's liber 06/15/1976 1B:1 Woman - Equal Rights
289 Blow to price-fixers. 06/15/1976 10A:1 Price Regulation by Government
290 Two wars at once. 06/15/1976 10A:1 Middle East
291 Two Nebraskans testify they saw Jerry Mark on October 31. 06/15/1976 3A:5 Murder
292 Corporate political funds. 06/15/1976 10A:1 Campaign Funds
293 State Board lets 6 Iowa cities raise budgets, appeals panel acts on Des Moi 06/15/1976 1A:1 Property Tax
294 Postminister general has Heaven's zip code - after 12 years and 50,000 lett 06/15/1976 1A:1 Ministers
295 Photos show views of what one sees looking down on tornadoes' trail of dest 06/15/1976 4A:1 Tornadoes
296 The Martensdale-St. Marys School Board refuses to reconsider its May sevent 06/15/1976 1A:5 Teachers
297 Corporate political funds 06/15/1976 10A:1 Campaign Funds
298 Postminister general has Heaven's zip code - after 12 years and 50,000 lett 06/15/1976 1A:1 Clergy
299 Bob E. Rice, the Democratic candidate for Polk County Sheriff, cannot be tr 06/15/1976 3A:1 Candidates, Political
300 Cable television needs antenna for tuning in on tornadoes - the Weller meth 06/15/1976 5A:1 Tornadoes