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321 Peter De Vries sets story in Iowa - I Hear America Swinging. 06/13/1976 3B:1 Books and Reading
322 Bill Bodish set sail on a dream, awake to a nightmare sea. 06/13/1976 13A:1 Boats and Boating
323 The adventures of Clarence Pickard's kid brother. 06/13/1976 1C:1 Bicycling
324 A singing sheriff and the joyful noise caper - along with his deputy sherif 06/13/1976 p. 16 Singers
325 Daveport nuns push for women in the priesthood 06/13/1976 5E:1 Sisterhoods
326 Comments on Iowa restaurants. 06/13/1976 9C:3 Dinners and Dining
327 Protectionism at work. 06/13/1976 1B:1 Steel
328 Gadzooks! Now Dix Hollobaugh is hooked on exercising 06/13/1976 1C:1 Exercise
329 The bad old days 06/13/1976 1B:1 Fireworks
330 President Ford's popularity steady 06/13/1976 7B:1 Ford, Gerald R.
331 The bad old days 06/13/1976 1B:1 Fourth of July
332 Field toilets for farms? 06/13/1976 1B:1 Toilets
333 Tornadoes churn path across Iowa, buildings, crops damaged by twisters, lar 06/13/1976 1A:1 Tornadoes
334 Choosing a veep 06/13/1976 1B:1 Vice-Presidential Candidates
335 President Ford's popularity steady 06/13/1976 7B:1 Gallup Poll
336 The terrible power of the exponential 06/13/1976 2B:2 Harris, Sydney
337 What Iowans look for in a president 06/13/1976 14A:1 Iowa Poll
338 Johnny Cash now to open Fair talent 06/13/1976 10A:4 Iowa. State Fair
339 9 Iowa women to go to military academies 06/13/1976 1A:1 Woman - Equal Rights
340 Iowa's women mayors - a list of women who head the municipal government in 06/13/1976 6B:4 Women and Politics