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41 'Losing Ground' to water; marginal people eroded - Iowa loses tons of its p 06/29/1976 12A:3 Erosion
42 4 Iowans differ on need for new Alton lock, dam 06/29/1976 3A:1 Mississippi River
43 Did Castro kill Kennedy? 06/29/1976 12A:1 Assassination
44 Did Castro kill Kennedy? 06/29/1976 12A:1 Kennedy, John Fitzgerald
45 Corporate accountability. 06/29/1976 12A:1 Corporations
46 Black Hawk County buys 'beepers' to aid rape victims. 06/29/1976 4A:1 Rape
47 Councilman Russell LaVine tries to keep Tim Urban from taking his seat on t 06/29/1976 8A:1 Public Officers
48 A last hurrah as Professor Philip S. Riggs gives final talk on stars - star 06/29/1976 1A:5 College Professors and Instructors
49 West Des Moines School Board appoints James E. Fredregill, a former board m 06/29/1976 1A:3 School Boards
50 Council asks Des Moines sex shop zoning plan, action comes on heels of high 06/29/1976 1A:6 Obscenity (Law)
51 Free market food system hit: Rich eat, poor starve - the four-day World Foo 06/29/1976 3A:4 Food supply
52 Department of Transportation hit on Interstate-74 bridge resurfacing - the 06/29/1976 6A:5 Transportation
53 John Dengler, 28, of 4010 Concord Plaza, West Des Moines is nominated to be 06/29/1976 10A:4 Candidates, Political
54 Operation Haircut 06/28/1976 8A:1 Military Service
55 Motherhood at first sight 06/28/1976 1B:1 Parent-Child Relationship
56 Motherhood at first sight 06/28/1976 1B:1 Mothers
57 The Reverend John McRaith is a bit miffed by all the emphasis on what the d 06/28/1976 3A:1 Food supply
58 Motherhood at first sight. 06/28/1976 1B:1 Children
59 Operation Haircut 06/28/1976 8A:1 United States Navy
60 Twister-torn Minden, Iowa begins cleanup job, Des Moines downpour snarls tr 06/28/1976 1A:1 Tornadoes