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841 Top United States worries 05/16/1976 10B:1 United States -- Social Policy
842 Father Smith wages quiet campaign against violence, Davenport, Iowa 05/16/1976 4E:5 Violence
843 Friendly Fire: Chapter 29 05/16/1976 1A:1 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
844 Top United States worries 05/16/1976 10B:1 Gallup Poll
845 Update on the hairy revolution - baldness is beautiful. 05/16/1976 1E:1 Hair
846 Law and Tyranny. 05/16/1976 1B:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
847 Democrats versus Gerlad Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/16/1976 4A:5 Iowa Poll
848 Iowans doubt book on Richard Nixon's 'final days' 05/16/1976 11A:1 Iowa Poll
849 Audits not infallible in detecting Metropolitan Area Narcotics Squad (MANS) 05/15/1976 8A:2 Police
850 Polk County drug prosecutor: Let's get down to business - the Metropolitan 05/15/1976 8A:2 Police
851 Edward Brown versus Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/15/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
852 Ronald Reagan's crossovers 05/15/1976 16A:1 Presidential Candidates
853 Marvin Selden shifts view; property tax lid not tie on other taxes. 05/15/1976 13A:2 Property Tax
854 Iowa's busy braillists. 05/15/1976 16A:1 Blind
855 C. Pickard's the star as ride begins, Jamestown, Virginia. 05/15/1976 1A:2 Bicycling
856 Safety rules may curb large rock concerts - the municipal McElroy Auditoriu 05/15/1976 7A:1 Music Festivals
857 A bill to govern the dismissal of school administrators is introduced in th 05/15/1976 6A:1 School Superintendents and Principals
858 Fair play for teachers 05/15/1976 16A:1 Teachers
859 Des Moines area college pay raise okayed 05/15/1976 17A:1 Teachers - Salaries
860 Helping the Third World 05/15/1976 16A:1 United Nations