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121 The Mental Health Association of Iowa may sue over prison at Mount Pleasant 06/25/1976 3A:4 Prisons
122 Stag party aftermath: no charges, no evidence police broke any laws, offici 06/25/1976 1A:3 Police
123 See zoning ruling as lever to contain adult theaters, Des Moines. 06/25/1976 1A:4 Moving Picture Theaters
124 Governor R. Ray signs a measure to put the wild sunflower - the state flowe 06/25/1976 3A:2 Iowa
125 Show biz on the stump 06/25/1976 18A:1 Presidential Candidates
126 Double standard 06/25/1976 18A:1 Merchant Marine
127 West Branch's three-day chatauqua: a little something for everyone. 06/25/1976 3A:1 Chautauquas
128 Iowa Department of Public Safety officials said that all 430 troopers in th 06/25/1976 16A:4 Iowa. Highway Safety Patrol
129 Double standard 06/25/1976 18A:1 Woman - Equal Rights
130 Des Moines school officials ask budget jump. 06/25/1976 3A:1 School Finance
131 Up in the air in Italy 06/25/1976 18A:1 Italy
132 Alton lock repair called 'iceberg tip' 06/25/1976 9A:1 Mississippi River
133 Governor R. Ray signs a measure to put the wild sunflower - the state flowe 06/25/1976 3A:2 Weeds
134 Testimony before GOP unit hints 'less-is-best' platform in making, Ames, Io 06/25/1976 4A:4 Republican Party
135 Bears in the air foil CB radios - hundreds of speeders ticketed. 06/24/1976 1A:4 Automobiles - Speed
136 Dr. Albert McKee, former University of Iowa virologist now retired, recalls 06/24/1976 12B:5 Influenza
137 Sprinklers needed. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Fire Protection
138 Crazy sales of arms. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Armaments
139 An Iowa Tragedy. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
140 Rail president rips proposal to rebuild Lock and Dam 26, Alton, Illinois 06/24/1976 3A:6 Mississippi River