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141 Cedar Rapids and state labor officials lock horns over the state's attempt 06/24/1976 4A:1 Firemen
142 Good try by Iowa Educational Broadcasting Network (IEBN). 06/24/1976 14A:1 Republican Party
143 200 inmates disciplined in prison incident - at the Iowa State Men's Reform 06/24/1976 3A:4 Prisons
144 Bears in the air foil CB radios - hundreds of speeders ticketed. 06/24/1976 1A:4 Automobiles - Speed
145 Representative Charles Grassley says 'no' to spending limit 06/24/1976 4S:6 Campaign Funds
146 A ten-foot-tall, six-foot-wide, 2,000-pound steel sculpture created by Dubu 06/24/1976 1A:1 Sculpture
147 Twenty police punished after stag party, disciplinary action taken by Des M 06/24/1976 1A:6 Police
148 Prison shift for R. Brewer; life in peril. 06/24/1976 1A:3 Prisoners
149 Successful eagle nesting found along Mississippi 06/24/1976 6A:1 Eagles
150 Crazy sales of arms. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Armaments
151 Sprinklers needed. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Fire Protection
152 An Iowa Tragedy. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Justice, Administration of - Local
153 An Iowa tragedy. 06/24/1976 14A:1 Murder
154 Bears in the air foil Citizens Band (CB) radios - hundreds of speeders tick 06/24/1976 1A:4 Citizens Radio Service
155 It may be infeasible to move Tech High School to North High because North's 06/24/1976 2B:1 Trade Schools
156 Collective bargaining for state employees is stalled by lawsuit, judge's ab 06/23/1976 3A:1 Government Employees
157 The state and marriage 06/23/1976 8A:1 Homosexuality
158 Seven Des Moines hospitals have formed a group designed to help solve healt 06/23/1976 3A:1 Hospitals
159 Reaction of 2 mothers to the Jerry Mark verdict - Jerry Mark is pronounced 06/23/1976 1A:2 Justice, Administration of - Local
160 Training for combat with Iowa's GI Josephines - Specialist 4 Jean Nelson an 06/23/1976 1A:3 Iowa--National Guard