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1461 Arms and employment. 04/09/1976 16A:1 Armaments
1462 Iowa House votes curbs on city annexations, urban legislators charge 'serio 04/09/1976 1A:1 Municipal Government
1463 Drunk driver crackdown hits working man hardest, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. 04/09/1976 1A:5 Drinking and Traffic Accidents
1464 Water, soil units meet to find use for $1.2 million 04/09/1976 17A:2 Erosion
1465 Gas line hit, two are burned in explosion - men were laying tile in field n 04/09/1976 1A:4 Explosions
1466 Unemployment seen as growing political issue 04/09/1976 16A:3 Unemployment
1467 Good news for spooks 04/09/1976 16A:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
1468 Time marches on. 04/09/1976 16A:1 Watches
1469 William Penn corn pickers head back to the field April 9, 1976 04/09/1976 5A:2 William Penn College
1470 Iowa House unit rejects curb on area college expansion 04/09/1976 3A:5 Junior Colleges
1471 Still in the race. 04/08/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
1472 State Representative James Spradling is withdrawing his name as a candidate 04/08/1976 15A:2 Candidates, Political
1473 Fate of Iowa landmark to be decided by Regents, April 8, 1976 04/08/1976 8A:1 Churches
1474 Prostitution crackdown in Davenport. 04/08/1976 8A:1 Prostitution
1475 Not good enough. 04/08/1976 14A:1 Agriculture
1476 Amana files $8 million suit against Consumers Union. 04/08/1976 5A:3 Actions And Defenses
1477 Iowa Baptist group asks halt to public funds for transcendental meditation. 04/08/1976 3A:1 Meditation
1478 Commitment to Israel. 04/08/1976 14A:1 Middle East
1479 A bill to regulate establishment and use of satellite computer banking syst 04/08/1976 3A:4 Banks and Banking
1480 Vandalia site favored for propsed Iowa N-plant. 04/08/1976 3A:2 Atomic Power Plants