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1501 Iowa Senate OKs $800,000 for Volga lake. 04/07/1976 4A:5 Conservation
1502 Brushy Creek lake, park plans presented to conservation unit. 04/07/1976 10A:2 Conservation
1503 Child Molesters lurking in Sioux City, police warn. 04/07/1976 6A:5 Cruelty to Children
1504 What United States must do 04/07/1976 8A:1 Food supply
1505 Urban Iowa bus firms are urged to serve their needy areas - the poor, the e 04/07/1976 3A:1 Transportation
1506 Who should pay? 04/07/1976 8A:1 Insurance, Automobile
1507 Ask Grand Jury probe of police brutality claim, Fort Dodge, Iowa. 04/06/1976 2B:6 Police
1508 Former Senator Harold Hughes chides Senator H. Humphrey for 'Non-campaign'. 04/06/1976 2B:2 Presidential Candidates
1509 Senate bill allows natural parent to reclaim child after adoption. 04/06/1976 3A:2 Child Custody (Law)
1510 Harm for farmers seen in section of new tax bill. 04/06/1976 3A:5 Property Tax
1511 Angry Des Moines residents flock to Council to protest birds - bird droppin 04/06/1976 1A:5 Birds
1512 Washington's losers. 04/06/1976 8A:1 Baseball
1513 Federal Bureau of Investigation probes auctioneer policy of Small Business 04/06/1976 1A:4 Auctioneers
1514 Opposition by two members of the Iowa Natural Resources Council is sufficie 04/06/1976 3A:1 Conservation
1515 Union Slough National Wildlife Refuge near Bancroft will be open April 11 a 04/06/1976 4A:4 Conservation
1516 Angry Des Moines residents flock to Council to protest birds - bird droppin 04/06/1976 1A:5 Diseases
1517 West Des Moines pupils high in United States test 04/06/1976 1A:2 Educational Tests and Measurements
1518 Bicentennial wagon train to camp in Iowa April 6, 1976 04/06/1976 3A:2 United States -- Centennial Celebrations, Et Cetera
1519 Too much Trichinosis 04/06/1976 8A:1 Trichina and Trichinosis
1520 Passing the buck 04/06/1976 8A:1 Iowa Civil Rights Commission