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1741 Des Moines Diocese, Bishop Maurice J. Dingman calls for reform of Iowa pris 03/21/1976 1A:5 Prisons
1742 Wanting it both ways. 03/21/1976 1B:1 Agriculture
1743 Chances are slim for Iowa singles to adopt. 03/21/1976 3E:1 Adoption
1744 Inadequate hearing 03/21/1976 1B:1 Aid to Dependent Children
1745 Liberal and conservative: Do the terms still matter? 03/21/1976 8A:1 Liberalism
1746 Maple sugar season in northeast Iowa. 03/21/1976 7C:3 Maple Syrup
1747 Special steak cuts sell! 03/21/1976 1F:1 Meat Industry and Trade
1748 Ames' fifth State high school basketball championship came easily as the to 03/21/1976 1D:6 Basketball
1749 It's New Year's Day for members of Baha'i faith. 03/21/1976 6A:1 Bahaism
1750 Paying a rule-breaker 03/21/1976 1B:1 National Collegiate Athletic Association
1751 Farmer-highway official tells case for diagonals. 03/21/1976 1B:3 Roads - Iowa
1752 Liberal and conservative: Do the terms still matter? 03/21/1976 8A:1 Conservatism
1753 Iowa Poll: Most Iowans favor 'pulling plug.' 03/21/1976 3A:1 Death (Biology)
1754 How Iowa man helped Guatemalans after the February 4, 1976 earthquake 03/21/1976 4C:3 Earthquakes
1755 The 34th Annual Iowa Sports Show - boating, camping, travel and vacation sh 03/21/1976 Supplement Sports
1756 The New Army: Shape up or be fired, Iowans tell why they enlisted 03/21/1976 1A:2 United States Army
1757 The United States Army that volunteers built 03/21/1976 5 United States Army
1758 Now say 'uncle' 03/21/1976 1B:1 United States -- Foreign Relations -- Russia
1759 West Des Moines: The Mecca of flea market fans 03/21/1976 1C:1 West Des Moines, Iowa
1760 Decisive role by independent voters 03/21/1976 7A:3 Gallup Poll