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1761 Iowa Poll: Most Iowans favor 'pulling plug' 03/21/1976 3A:1 Iowa Poll
1762 The State Board of Regents recently approved a degree in dance at the Unive 03/21/1976 8B:2 Iowa. University, Iowa City
1763 Representative Ed Mezvinsky's 'sharing' vote draws attacks. 03/20/1976 16A:1 Candidates, Political
1764 Iowa Senate to debate tax plan March 30, 1976. 03/20/1976 6A:3 Property Tax
1765 Canceled treaty. 03/20/1976 14A:1 Middle East
1766 Stout-hearted men in John Deere foundry hear opera-baritone Daniel Sullivan 03/20/1976 1A:3 Arts, The
1767 Escaping nuclear genie 03/20/1976 14A:1 Atomic Power
1768 Two Des Moines bookstores ruled nuisances; injunction set. 03/20/1976 5A:4 Obscenity (Law)
1769 Most of University of Iowa students attending a recent lecture by Angela Da 03/20/1976 1B:6 Communism
1770 Iowa criminal code revision teeters on brink of collapse, floor leader walk 03/20/1976 1A:6 Crime and Criminals
1771 Most University of Iowa students attending a recent lecture by Angela Davis 03/20/1976 1B:6 Davis, Angela
1772 3 black coeds file complaint on Dubuque bar 03/20/1976 8A:1 Discrimination
1773 Plans told for use of drug funds. 03/20/1976 8B:2 Drugs
1774 Van Horne, Iowa, seeks firemen who skip beer 03/20/1976 9A:1 Firemen
1775 Students or players? 03/20/1976 14A:1 Football
1776 Former Iowa State Representative Stephen J. Rapp, an announced Democratic c 03/20/1976 10A:1 Taxation
1777 Area Sixteen Education Agency, created primarily to provide special educati 03/20/1976 10A:2 Teachers
1778 Winter ends; it was warmest, driest in 20 years 03/20/1976 1A:5 Weather
1779 Des Moines Council will be urged to seek steam plant study grant 03/20/1976 5A:5 Fuel Supply
1780 Saving energy 03/20/1976 14A:1 Fuel Supply