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114781 Science Class 1974 - University of Iowa Professor Robert Yager and educator 08/04/1974 p.12 Education - Iowa
114782 The new downtown Des Moines skyline 11/05/1967 p.13 Des Moines, Iowa
114783 New sternwheeler for the Missouri under construction in plant at Dubuque. 03/30/1969 p.14 Boats and Boating
114784 When Cherokee farmers were hosts to Frenchmen 07/06/1969 p.14 Foreign Visitors in the United States
114785 How Akron rejuvenated old theater 11/01/1970 p.14 Theater Buildings
114786 Teachers do get involved in community activities, Marshalltown 05/16/1971 p.14 Teachers
114787 The 'Iron Curtain' - a point of view...Russian at Ames railed at United Sta 11/03/1974 p.14 Foreign Visitors in the United States
114788 'Talent is no accident of birth': Shinichi Suzuki - Suzuki violin instructi 04/25/1976 p.14 Violin
114789 The ultimate in recycling: Dubuque's Five Flags Theater 06/27/1976 p.14 Theater Buildings
114790 Village in Wales honoring its famous thirsty son, Dylan Thomas 08/03/1969 p.14-15 Thomas, Dylan
114791 The Sunday Register's Iowa bird guide. 05/02/1971 p.16 Bird Study
114792 Is the old Washington Coat of Arms the ancestor of our American flag? 06/30/1968 p.2 Flags - United States
114793 "Dear Doctor (Dr.) Spock..." the famed baby doctor's mailbag is overflowing 03/02/1969 p.2 Spock, Benjamin
114794 The best advice I ever received, by Judge W. Parker. 02/01/1970 p.2 Lawyers
114795 The best advice I ever received, by J.H. Redman of Fort Dodge, vice preside 03/15/1970 p.2 Banks and Banking
114796 The best advice I ever recieved, by Glenda Maybrey of Waterloo public schoo 03/22/1970 p.2 Teachers
114797 The best advice I ever received by Iris Anderson, former girls adviser at L 07/12/1970 p.2 Teachers
114798 "The Best Advice I ever recieved by Mrs. Ruth Laws, speech teacher 10/25/1970 p.2 Teachers
114799 A This Week Special: the dramatic story of democracy under attack - revolt 09/01/1968 p.2-8 Violence
114800 Last days of old Hoover elm 01/21/1968 p.21 Elm - Diseases and Pests