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114821 It's still show time for Toby and Susie - Iowa legend, Mount Pleasent 03/16/1975 p.7 Theater
114822 The chickens and foxes at Iowa State Penitentiary 03/14/1976 p.7 Prisons
114823 Iowa State University (ISU) holds workshop on "The Impact of Modern Scienc 12/18/1966 p.7+ Science and the Humanities
114824 Who needs a desk? Ames school focuses on learning in comfort 01/14/1973 p.8 Education - Iowa
114825 Cedar Rapids area school's success story 'a new style of higher education' 03/16/1969 P4-5 Vocational Education
114826 Goodwill workers to have their own residence hall in Southeast Iowa 03/03/1968 P:10-11 Vocational Rehabilitation
114827 Remember those old hobo signs? 03/23/1969 P:10-11 Vagabonds
114828 Pregnant French pigs find ugly black morsels for the rich 08/02/1970 P:12 Truffles
114829 Young Iowans figured that 'without fingerprints we could never be convicted 02/09/1969 P:16-17 Valentines
114830 Ludwigs live on a 'century farm' located two miles west of Spillville in no 01/05/1975 P:18 United States -- Centennial Celebrations, Et Cetera
114831 The best advice I ever received by Doctor Floyd E. Beaver, veterinarian 02/03/1971 P:2 Veterinary Medicine
114832 It all began with a Blairsburg kaffee - klatsch at the home of Mrs. Barbara 07/26/1970 P:20 Vandenburg, Barbara
114833 Speaking of vacations -- have you tried a castle in Spain? 05/19/1968 P:28-29 Vacations
114834 Asks: "Is it good for children?" Guideposts for living in today's world 01/03/1971 p:4 Knebel, Fletcher
114835 What finally happens to all those coupons? They meet their fate in a Clint 04/04/1971 p:4 Trading Stamps
114836 Fort Dodge is ready to celebrate the nation's Bicentennial in 1976 06/22/1975 P:4 United States -- Centennial Celebrations, Et Cetera
114837 Iowa tech trains students for jobs in industry, Area fifteen School Distric 03/05/1967 P:4-6 Vocational Education
114838 Model? No, lady veterinarian - Doctor Jo Lynn Minard, staff person at the E 08/18/1974 P:6 Veterinarians
114839 'The King' keeps movin' on... The Hardrock Kid 11/09/1975 P:6 Vagabonds
114840 Riding the road with an Iowa trucker 01/06/1974 P:8 Trucks