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281 What the automobiles looked like 66 years ago. 01/04/1970 pp. 10-11 Automobiles
282 The 36 presidents of the United States from George Washington (1789) to Ric 01/19/1969 pp. 10- 11 Presidents - United States
283 He may be Iowa's oldest parrot and he "talks a blue streak" 10/27/1968 pp. 1-2 Birds
284 How to get along with your teen-agers; 'just love and patience are not eno 08/30/1970 Picture; 7 Parent-Child Relationship
285 Marilyn Maye returns to Des Moines to be honored at East High School. 04/06/1975 Picture:Cover Maye, Marilyn
286 How much time does man have left? A few decades, scientist warns, unless bi 07/05/1970 Picture:9 Man - Survival
287 Return to Lawler 10/27/1974 Picture:9 Lawler, Iowa
288 Flowers of Amana. 06/29/1975 Picture:9 Amana Society
289 "Let's restore the ivory tower." 09/27/1970 Picture:8 Agnew, Spiro T.
290 Hey, coachthere's this good job open in Japan. 03/14/1971 Picture:8 Physical Directors
291 Autumn in Iowa 10/06/1974 Picture:8 Autumn
292 A trip to the State Historical Building in Des Moines makes learning come a 02/16/1975 Picture:7 Museums
293 Lithographs prestele family art worth seeing in Amana. 12/22/1974 Picture:6 Lithography
294 Mary O'Halloran - 'a bit of a rebel'. 06/24/1973 Picture:5 Legislators, Iowa
295 How the Iowans you elected live in Washington. 04/20/1967 Picture:4-7 Mayne, Wiley
296 "Lenin was never a lover of freedom, he was a cruel man," A. Kerensky wrote 11/08/1970 Picture:4 Kerenskii, A. F.
297 Ambulance provides intensive heart care, Mason City. 01/31/1971 Picture:4 Ambulances
298 No longer "a disgrace to 'ding'" - the happy comeback of Lake Darling. 05/02/1971 Picture:4 Lakes, Artificial
299 Lake Mills' volunteer ambulance service praised: "Like having another physi 05/16/1971 Picture:4 Ambulances
300 Through history and geography on a pleasant day's outing. 09/05/1971 Picture:4 Missouri River