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115121 "The Pit" at the Shull Hall dormitory on the University of Northern Iowa (U 08/30/1975 3:06 College Students - Housing
115122 "The Pill" linked with thrombosis. 07/12/1968 5:07 Contraceptives
115123 "The Nutcracker" ballet for Des Moines 12/10/1967 4L:2 Des Moines, Iowa
115124 "The new United States Senate code of ethics is too little and too late..." 07/10/1968 3:06 Stanley, David
115125 "The Nazi Drawings" at Des Moines Art Center. 06/23/1967 14:06 Lasansky, Mauricio
115126 "The Music Man" presented by Des Moines Community Playhouse is October 2. 09/27/1970 8L:2 Musical Comedies, Reviews, Etc.
115127 "The Music Man" opens at Des Moines Community Playhouse October 1. 10/02/1970 14:03 Musical Comedies, Reviews, Etc.
115128 "The more I see of God's universe, the deeper my belief in God," Apollo 8 a 12/16/1968 16:01 Astrology
115129 "The moon, I presume?" 07/27/1969 1L:6 Space Flight to the Moon
115130 "The Mikado" at North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC), Mason City, Marc 02/21/1971 7T:8 Drama
115131 "The Man from La Mancha" is presented Novemeber 6-8 at KRNT Theater. 10/26/1969 7L:3 Drama
115132 "The Last of the Sleeping Ones" accepted by art advisory committee and goes 05/19/1968 1L:6 Sculpture
115133 "The jury is in; the verdict is, get out" 04/04/1971 8T:3 Vietnam
115134 "The joys of living in Iowa" - Ireton Booster Club, November 17 11/08/1970 5T:4 Iowa
115135 "The Great Turtle Race" at Carroll College turns out to be a disappointment 09/29/1969 5:05 Colleges and Universities
115136 "The Great Turtle Race" at Carroll College turns out to be a disappointment 09/29/1969 5:05 Turtles
115137 "The Galaxies" at Drake Observatory, July 3. 07/03/1970 12:05 Observatories
115138 "The flying map" 08/12/1968 11:03 Tornadoes
115139 "The fans love me...because they have good taste" - Bob Geigel. 03/26/1972 1A:6 "People People Know"
115140 "The Cruicible" is the grand slam of 1974's Des Moines Metro Summer Festiva 06/24/1974 9:05 Operas