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301 Music is its own reward for Southeast Iowa Symphony. 04/16/1972 Picture:4 Orchestras
302 As buffalo roam laboratory site in Illinois, Iowa, State team probes the se 10/29/1972 Picture:4 Accelerators (Electrons, Etc.)
303 Central Iowa Opera: 'A Singing Buff's Dream' - Doctor (Dr.) Robert Larsen's 08/18/1974 Picture:4 Operas
304 Photographs by Lord Snowdon is a first-rate photographer of people across t 10/27/1974 Picture:4 Photographers
305 Is romantic love for you? And will it survive marriage? 09/13/1970 Picture:24 Mead, Margaret
306 Iowa State University student's models recall farms of earlier Iowa era. 03/28/1971 Picture:24 Agricultural Machinery
307 In women's liberation a better life for men? 12/06/1970 Picture:23 Mannes, Marya
308 A Little ' day music': composer Ned Rorem at Iowa State University. 01/07/1973 Picture:23 Musicians
309 Iowa natives over 65 are getting restless. 04/01/1973 Picture:22 Aged
310 "The user is the content," says Marshall McLuhan. 05/23/1971 Picture:20 McLuhan, Marshall
311 His honor, the mayor of Brooklyn, Iowa, 84, bikes every day. 07/11/1971 Picture:20 Mayors
312 The best advice I ever received by Major General Joseph G. May, Adjunct Gen 08/09/1970 Picture:2 Military Service
313 The best advise I ever received by Edwin E. Anderson, pharmacist in Eldora. 10/18/1970 Picture:2 Pharmacy
314 The best advice I ever received by Mrs. H. MacNider. 11/08/1970 Picture:2 MacNider, Hanford
315 Jack Miller a strong voice for Iowa in Washington! 10/22/1972 Picture:2 Miller, Jack
316 Warning to all Iowa foxes who can read: Stay away from Mrs. Beliel's chicke 03/21/1971 Picture:18 Animals
317 Iowans in Vietnam. 04/04/1971 Picture:18 Military Service
318 Bulding Iowa's 168 million-dollar atomic energy center, Palo--in operation 02/14/1971 Picture:17 Atomic Power Plants
319 Vietnam, by Marine combat artists. 03/28/1971 Picture:17 Art
320 Stained-glass lampshades are Dick Hunter's thing. 03/17/1974 Picture:17 Lamp Shades