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941 Polk County District Judge Gibson C. Holliday says he feels the name of a d 05/11/1976 3B:4 Justice, Administration of - Local
942 H. Humphrey versus President Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/11/1976 1A:5 Iowa Poll
943 Jimmy Carter versus President Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/10/1976 1A:5 Presidential Candidates
944 Some winners take all 05/10/1976 8A:1 Presidential Candidates
945 Self-help on branch lines. 05/10/1976 8A:1 Railroads
946 Iowa achievements 05/10/1976 8A:1 American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration
947 Iowa beef gets ranked 113 in Fortune list 05/10/1976 3A:6 Meat Industry and Trade
948 Old foes locked in river fuss - proposal to rebuild Lock and Dam 26 on the 05/10/1976 1A:5 Mississippi River
949 Comedian Bob Hope grimaces as Donald Moeller, vice-president for academic a 05/10/1976 7A:2 Saint Ambrose College, Davenport, Iowa
950 Iowa City peddles controversial crime van - the controversial $12,000 mobil 05/10/1976 5A:2 Crime and Criminals
951 Why won't United States talk? 05/10/1976 8A:1 United States -- Foreign Relations
952 Friendly Fire: Chapter 23 05/10/1976 1A:1 Vietnam - Iowans Killed
953 Jimmy Carter versus President Ford and Ronald Reagan 05/10/1976 1A:5 Iowa Poll
954 Iowans back President Ford, Jimmy Carter as presidential nominees 05/09/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
955 Jimmy Carter widens gap 05/09/1976 7B:4 Presidential Candidates
956 Motherhood does not stop at the prison gate - Carolyn Moon founded the chil 05/09/1976 1E:3 Prisoners
957 Opportunity knocks for Head Start staffers 05/09/1976 5E:1 Project Head Start
958 Your firm in trouble? Call Center for Industrial Research and Service - CI 05/09/1976 3F:1 Center for Industrial Research and Service (Iowa State University)
959 Recipe for Pulitzer Prize: Take one alert reporter. . . 05/09/1976 1B:3 Pulitzer Prizes
960 Progress: A fast freight that blows a lonesome whistle of doom for P. Junk 05/09/1976 3A:1 Railroads