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115161 New mobile homes are to be safer. 06/08/1976 1B:6 Mobile Homes
115162 Walter Mitty Cherioli. 06/08/1976 10A:1 Orchestras
115163 Jerry Mark trial witness says 'Jerry hated Les'. 06/08/1976 9A:2 Murder
115164 Restaurant inspection fee increase gets initial okay. 06/08/1976 1A:4 Restaurants - Inspection
115165 Two Iowa schools to share superintendent, cut costs - the two schools are M 06/08/1976 9A:1 School Districts
115166 Limit on loans scrubs Des Moines flood project 06/08/1976 3A:1 Flood Prevention and Control
115167 The president of the Iowa State Education Association says collective barga 06/08/1976 11A:1 Teachers - Salaries
115168 Vote machines jamming feared 06/08/1976 6A:2 Voting
115169 Jury selection rule rapped by Indians lawyers, Cedar Rapids, Iowa 06/08/1976 5B:3 Indians of North America
115170 Bob Rice wins Polk County Sheriff's battle; victory by K. Fulk - the Fair c 06/09/1976 1A:1 Primaries
115171 Ned F. Chiodo scores write-in coup in House District 67 race. 06/09/1976 1A:1 Primaries
115172 Voting by precincts in Des Moines, Polk County. 06/09/1976 4A:3 Primaries
115173 Voters in Iowa's 99 counties chose candidates for auditor, clerk of court, 06/09/1976 11A:1 Primaries
115174 David Readinger upsets William Plymat in GOP bid for State Senate. 06/09/1976 1B:1 Primaries
115175 Des Moines school closings eyed in wake of enrollment loss. 06/09/1976 6A:3 Public Schools
115176 The owners of an Iowa City bar file a $200,000 lawsuit against the Daily Io 06/09/1976 6A:1 Actions And Defenses
115177 Iowa starts crash plan to certify more high school farm teachers. 06/09/1976 6A:5 Agriculture - Study and Teaching
115178 Strong antitrust law 06/09/1976 10A:1 Law - Iowa
115179 Tracy Bjorgum, 20, and Ken Burch, 24, appear in the county clerk's office a 06/09/1976 3A:2 Marriage
115180 Sinking sterling. 06/09/1976 10A:1 Money - Great Britain