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1541 Says University of Iowa running out of excuses to avoid Iowa State Universi 11/08/1970 9T:2 Football
1542 University of Iowa student J. Roger Titone wins American Society of Mechani 12/20/1970 9T:2 Rewards, Prizes, Etc.
1543 Math training grant to University of Northern Iowa from National Science Fo 12/20/1970 9T:2 United States National Science Foundation
1544 Math training grant to University of Northern Iowa National Science Foundat 12/20/1970 9T:2 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
1545 Curious about names of Iowa towns. 01/03/1971 9T:2 Cities and Towns
1546 Two Luther professors receive Ph. D. degrees - Kingsley Ogedengbe and Bartl 02/14/1971 9T:2 College Professors and Instructors
1547 Map drive to combat shoplifting, Omaha 02/14/1971 9T:2 Shoplifting
1548 Dean's List at Ellsworth. 02/28/1971 9T:2 College Students
1549 Grant to Iowa State University physics students. 02/28/1971 9T:2 Grants-In-Aid
1550 North Iowa Area Community College (NIACC) has courses for nurse aides and o 05/02/1971 9T:2 Nurses and Nursing
1551 North Iowa Aarea Community College has courses for nurse aides and orderlie 05/02/1971 9T:2 Vocational Education
1552 Contracts are let for construction of 12 student residence units. 07/25/1971 9T:2 Central College, Pella, Iowa
1553 Cedar Rapids buying land for 25-mile trail in city. 08/06/1967 9T:1 Recreation
1554 A pass-fail step taken at Simpson 12/10/1967 9T:1 Simpson College
1555 Asks $1,500 for Iowa's oldest plane. 12/17/1967 9T:1 Airplanes
1556 Fort Dodge in 2nd place. 02/11/1968 9T:1 Debates and Debating
1557 Negro contractors plan Waterloo apartment complex 10/13/1968 9T:1 Housing
1558 Short biographical sketches of major party candidates for United States Sen 11/03/1968 9T:1 Candidates, Political
1559 Low corn prices cutting Mississippi River shipping. 12/01/1968 9T:1 Corn
1560 Bert Gruis wills farm to Totonka for recreation 12/08/1968 9T:1 Farmers