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1781 Area 16 Education Agency, created primarily to provide special education se 03/20/1976 10A:2 Government Employees
1782 Whoever buried Chariton's time capsule nearly 100 years ago did a good job 03/20/1976 1A:1 Iowa - History
1783 Iowa criminal code revision teeters on brink of collapse, floor leader walk 03/20/1976 1A:6 Iowa. Laws, Statutes, Etc.
1784 Stout-hearted men in John Deere foundry hear opera - baritone Daniel Sulliv 03/20/1976 1A:3 Iowa. State Arts Council
1785 Most University of Iowa students attending a recent lecture by Angela Davis 03/20/1976 1B:6 Iowa. University, Iowa City
1786 University of Northern Iowa Foundation names 3 new governors - Don Eichelbe 03/20/1976 7A:2 Iowa. University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls
1787 Police are scheduled to start walking beats on the city's near northside be 03/19/1976 16A:1 Police
1788 Shoot thy neighbor. 03/19/1976 18A:1 Property
1789 Federal official and a scientist question data used to show that Iowa coal 03/19/1976 3A:4 Coal Mines and Mining
1790 University of Iowa 'pseudo-criminal event' to benefit needy families - Lamb 03/19/1976 8A:2 College Fraternities
1791 Iowa House votes $54.8 million for tax aid, party-line tally of 55 to 41 fo 03/19/1976 1A:1 Property Tax
1792 Iowa Senate approves bill that would raise salary ranges of 50 top appointe 03/19/1976 3A:5 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
1793 President Ford's choice of Governor Ray. 03/19/1976 18A:1 Republican Party
1794 Two towns face crises in volunteer fire service - Glenwood controversy on a 03/19/1976 1A:2 Fire Protection
1795 Iowa House votes five-day 'cooling off' on gun deals 03/19/1976 3A:1 Firearms
1796 Teachers charge 'stalling' in North East Area School talks, especially the 03/19/1976 4A:4 Teachers
1797 Other counties to get tough on Polk County drivers 03/19/1976 1A:5 Traffic Regulations
1798 It can be done 03/19/1976 18A:1 Transportation
1799 Probes hurt but Central Intelligence Agency needed, Iowans say 03/19/1976 5A:1 United States Central Intelligence Agency
1800 Postville makes 1975 a record trichinosis year 03/19/1976 3B:1 Trichina and Trichinosis