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1901 A bill authorizing 10 percent pay increases for most department heads and n 03/12/1976 16A:2 Public Officers - Salaries, Allowances, Etc.
1902 Des Moines radio ratings race finds three tied for first, all happy. 03/12/1976 19A:1 Radio Broadcasting
1903 Equality in child support 03/12/1976 18A:1 Aid to Dependent Children
1904 Governor Robert Ray will be appointed platform committee chairman of this y 03/12/1976 19A:4 Republican Party
1905 Revolutionary Student Brigade demands new dorms at Iowa State University (I 03/12/1976 3A:2 College Students - Housing
1906 Iowa senators' heads swimming over Volga River 'leaky lake.' 03/12/1976 3A:1 Conservation
1907 Iowa House approves deadly force to thwart escapes. 03/12/1976 3A:1 Crime and Criminals
1908 Legal military action? 03/12/1976 18A:1 South Africa
1909 Dow-Jones watchers. 03/12/1976 18A:1 Stocks - Price Indexes and Averages
1910 Repr Charles Grassley urges estate tax reform to aid family farm 03/12/1976 1A:4 Taxation
1911 Infiltrating the press 03/12/1976 18A:1 Government and the Press
1912 Iowans have tax refunds due, S-Z 03/12/1976 2B:2 Income Tax
1913 The Florida message. 03/11/1976 14A:1 Presidential Candidates
1914 Seek to make Newton Center into prison, $5.5 million proposal to ease overc 03/11/1976 1A:1 Prisons
1915 House backs 'deadly force' to protect life, property. 03/11/1976 5A:2 Property
1916 Conferees reject Iowa House plan on property tax aid. 03/11/1976 3A:5 Property Tax
1917 Zaire and Angola. 03/11/1976 14A:1 Angola
1918 Giving them arms. 03/11/1976 14A:1 Middle East
1919 Des Moines Botanical Center site draws fire. 03/11/1976 1A:5 Municipal Improvement
1920 Proposal to process prisoners arrested in Polk County and its communities t 03/11/1976 3A:3 Crime and Criminals